Men’s Results at Osgood

We post league results 1-3 days following the event date. Check out what Osgood has to offer, and find a league that suits you.

Men’s Club: 

Points Standings: 2018

July August September
Points  Points Points Final

Men’s Club Game Schedule 2018


Senior Men’s League:


April May June July August September October
3- No Play 1 Scramble  5 Scramble 3-No Play-Rain 7- Scramble 4-Scramble  2- Scramble
10- No Play 8 Scramble  12 Scramble 10- Scramble 14- Scramble 11-Scramble No League
17- No Play
15 Scramble 19-Scramble 17- Scramble 21-Scramble 18-Scramble  16-Scramble
24- No Play
22 Scramble 26-Scramble 24-Scramble 28-Scramble 25-Scramble Closed for Season
29 Scramble 31-Scramble